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How To Become a Model
By Gilchrist Adam

Photographic Resume

This is basically just the pictures in your composite that are used to present the way you look and photograph to the agency. Basically this is what is required by the agency to send out to clients who hire models. Certain agencies would misguide and misuse you by saying that a composite is not required, but this is not true. In most cases, the first thing an agency would need is your composites and portfolio.

Prove Your Seriousness to the Agencies

You will not even be considered as a professional if you do not have the composites and portfolios. The agencies plainly do not have time to clarify to every beginner as to what is needed by them to get into modeling. But if you step into their office with a pile of composites and your portfolio, the agencies would prefer to talk to you as they know that you are serious!

Getting Yourself Known

In spite of how fine-looking you are, you would never be able to obtain work if you do not step out and make efforts to get hired. Make sure you step into each agency in your neighborhood. Dispatch composites to the agencies that are far from your area. You have to make sure that people know who you are as well as your abilities.

Learn to Handle Rejection

The worst element of the modeling business is being capable of taking refusal. Know that there will be more rejections than hiring, and this is typical owing to the amount of people in the business.

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Gilchrist_Adam Gilchrist_Adam

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