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Dating After Divorce - 7 Tips For Women Wanting To Re-Invent Their Image After Divorce
By Sherri Nickols

Starting with your face:

• Nice smile but teeth could be whiter - get yourself some Crest strips - they work quickly, lightening several shades within a week's use. Nothing is sexier than a bright smile.

• Beautiful eyes looking tired these days?

Go get new make-up - try a color that contrasts your eye color - this should make them pop. Stay away from eye- liners in the purple family - they make your eyes look bloodshot. Get an eyelash curler from Shu uemura - fantastic curl will open your eyes making them look years younger.

* Skin need a fresh glow? Try this home remedy - add granulated sugar to olive oil for an inexpensive and effective scrub. Slough off those old layers of skin for radiant beauty.

• Hair Care - swing into a salon for a chic new cut. Be daring with your color or try brighter highlights. Doing something different with your hair screams fresh start.

Next stop, body check:

• Pudgy? If you've gotten comfy and slacked off on your diet and exercise you'll want to start a healthy program. Like it or not the world is visual and staying in shape is a sign that you care about yourself. Diet and exercise go hand in hand.

• In need of a mani/pedi? Just like women notice a mans shoes, men notice a woman's hands and feet. Nothing ruins a pretty summer sandal quicker than unkempt feet.

• Wardrobe outdated or mostly matronly? Clear your closet of plain and practical and treat yourself to some fun new frocks. You'll feel fresh and stylish. If you're on a shoestring budget try the $15 stores or scout the Internet for deals. You will find tons of affordable fashion items to help you update your look.

Don't let this overwhelm you - just think of yourself as a diamond in the rough. With a little polishing you'll soon be ready to dazzle the world with your sparkling new persona.

Bonus Tip - for a fast and effective way to lose weight I invite you to visit diamondweightloss diamondweightloss

Authored by Sherri Nickols - inspirational coach to women experiencing life changing emotional challenges who are ready to move forward for a sparkling new life. sherrinickols sherrinickols

Sherri_Nickols Sherri_Nickols Sherri-Nickols_142634 Sherri Nickols

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