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Neighborhood Sex - The Finale

Neighborhood Sex - The Finale

By Sassy One - Nov 2, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 28614 Part 3:
David and I returned home after another hot and erotic day with our new friend Chad. Much like the day before, it was as hot as we thought it would be. David told me how beautiful and sexy I was as we walked into the house. Our day at Chad’s house was so hot and erotic. Both men fucked me, licked me and I sucked their cocks throughout the whole day. David said he was the luckiest man in the whole world as he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. As if we didn’t have enough sex that day, the next thing I know David’s big cock was deep in my pussy. Holding onto my ass with one hand as the other fingered my pussy, I pinched my nipples making them hard for my lover. We had sex in the kitchen, on the stairs, and in our wine cellar before we settled for the night. David was going out of town the next morning so we wanted to get a good fuck session in and we did for hours. Settling in for the night, we held one another and talked about the weekend. We had no idea it would be so much fun and I wondered if Chad had fun too. David assured me he did. We both were curious to see what would happen if he started dating someone but thought in the meantime we have a new friend to play with. David said he had no idea it would be so much fun and although we talked about it throughout our marriage we never thought it would happen and that it would be so good.
When David went out of town on business in the past it was never been an issue, but this time was different. We had moved a little far from family and friends and we were new in the community. David told me Chad offered to keep an eye on me while he was out of town. Since this was a new house and my first time alone, David wanted to know I would be okay alone. I assured my husband that I would be okay. I wanted to finish decorating our home and thought it would be a good time while he was away. I’ve made a few friends at the gym but no one that I could see spending time with. David was pleased and knows I am independent enough to be on my own for a couple of days.
After taking David to the airport I went to the gym for my normal daily workout. This workout though was better than the days past. I felt sexy and wanted to fuck right then and there. When I pulled onto our street I noticed Chad out working in his yard, I was instantly aroused! Pulling into the garage I waved to him as I removed some groceries out of the car. My nipples were hard just thinking about fucking him again, but I quickly erased the thought knowing it couldn’t happen with David out of town, or could it. Chad walked over to help me carry in the bags and noticed my erect nipples. His eyes made their way up and down my tight tone body. He said “wow you’re beautiful even after a workout.” I felt a wave of heat rush through my body and felt myself blush. Chad then commented on my hard nipples. He said “are you always so aroused after a workout.” I said “what do you mean?” He said, “I can’t help but notice that your nipples are erect.” Knowing they were I said “well what shall we do about that?” as I removed my sports bra. Chad moved closer to me and said “I know how much you love to have your tits licked and sucked.” I said well what are you waiting for?” Cupping my big tits in his hands he began licking and sucking my nipples hard. Working on one with his mouth, his other hand was pinching the other nipple keeping it hard. I reached down and found his fully erect cock, it seemed bigger than the day before. I pulled his shorts down and started sucking his cock hard and licking his balls. My mouth worked his big cock up and down. The salvia from my mouth was dripping down his cock and down my face. Chad said, “Gabby I need to fuck you right now.” I stood up, turned around and removed my shorts. “Oh what a nice ass you have Gabby, it’s so hard today after your workout” he said. “I think it needs a big cock in it this morning.” He grabbed me and pulled my ass to his cock. First he fucked my pussy playing with my clit. Keeping my tits erect, he had his other hand on my nipples working one then the other. And then suddenly I felt his big cock slip into my ass. OH I let out a big moan and he said “I love fucking your ass Gabby.” I love that David let me fuck you.” “You and I are going to have some fun while he is away” he said. Finally we both came and came hard. Holding one another I said, “I had no idea when David said you would look after me while he was away that this what he meant.” He said “I don’t think it’s what he meant either, but I couldn’t help myself you are so hot.” “Our weekend was so erotic I didn’t want it to end” he went onto say. I told him that David and I had a fantastic time too and David told me hoped we could do it again when he returned. Chad said, “Oh we will for sure.”
It was time to get on with our day. Chad told me he had a friend coming into town and asked me if I would like to join them for dinner. I gladly accepted and wondered who this friend was, I didn’t ask questions and didn’t know if it was a male or a female. Chad left and I went to the shower. I was so aroused and felt really sexy. Knowing I had a lot to do that day, I quickly got dressed. Hours had passed and I couldn’t stop thinking about Chad and his cock inside of me, his hands exploring my hot body and found myself fantasizing about him and my husband fucking me again. The phone rang, it was David checking to see how I was. I told him I was going to dinner with Chad and his friend that evening. David said don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and I love you baby. I phoned Chad to see what time dinner was and he said there was a slight change in plans. His friend’s plane was delayed and he asked if it would be okay if we had a BBQ instead. Of course I said, “I will whip something up for us, call me when you get home.” A couple of hours later Chad knocked on the door to let me know they were back and to see if I was ready. The look on his face was priceless. I stood before him in a very low cut sleeveless blouse that showed my nice cleavage and my tone arms. The skirt I had on wasn’t one of my shortest yet it revealed my long tone legs, the high heels helped too. His jaw fell open and he said “wow, you look pretty hot for a backyard BBQ.” I said “well after this morning you had me pretty hot Chad.” He leaned in and said “and that is just the beginning.” “Whenever you are ready we are home” he said. I thought it would be a good idea to wait a few minutes to go to his house. I said I was just about ready and would be there in a few minutes. I still did not know if his friend was a male or female but had a feeling it was a male friend, well I hoped. I was so hot and horny I wanted to fuck Chad again, and if he had a friend that would be an added bonus.
I rang the doorbell at Chad’s and when the door opened I couldn’t believe my eyes. Standing before me was a tall (about 6’4) dark hair and skin (much like Chad) hot man. I just about came right there. He introduced himself as Matt and invited me in. Chad was making drinks for us and said “I see you and Matt have met.” Chad could tell what I was thinking by the smile on my face. He knew I needed to be fucked and he and Matt were going to have a good time with me.
After dinner Chad suggested that we go for a Jacuzzi. I agreed and but suggested that I go home to go get a bathing suit. Chad looked at me and said “are you sure that is necessary?” “It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before and besides I think Matt would love to see what I’ve been talking about”. I felt a little uncom comfortable yet aroused. Chad and Matt are hot yet my husband wasn’t there and I thought it may not be a good idea. He noticed I was a little uneasy with the idea and walked over to me. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. Matt was watching and didn’t say a word. Chad then moved his hands over my breasts and said “how would you like it if Matt and I sucked your nipples?” “I know you love it Gabby.” Suddenly I was com comfortable and said “yes, suck my tits both of you.” I removed my blouse and walked over to Matt and said Chad has already sucked my tits today, show me what you can do.” He wasted no time, his lips clamped down on my nipples harder than anyone ever has. He said “how is that sexy lady?” “You like how I suck you”? “Oh yes” I said, “suck harder, harder “I said.
While Matt was working my tits, Chad moved in behind me and lifted my skirt. He noticed that I didn’t have any panties on and said “oh Gabby you are such a naughty girl, did you forget your panties?” “Yes Chad I did and yes I am a naughty girl.” “Well” he said, “naughty girls usually get a spanking, do you need a little spanking Gabby.” “Oh yes”, I said I would love it if you spanked my tight ass.” Just then I felt his hand spank my ass gently not too hard, it was hot! Matt was still sucking on my tits and god it felt good. It’s like his mouth was a suction cup on my nipples and his tongue was dancing on my nipples at the same time. Chad’s hand was still on my ass when I felt his fingers inside of my pussy. Finger fucking me with one then two fingers I felt another two fingers in my ass. Wow, this was hot I thought.
I reached down and removed Matt’s cock from his pants. It was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It had to be 10 + inches and at least 3 inches around. I wondered how I was going to get it into my mouth let alone my tight pussy. He saw the look on my face and he said “suck me, show me how you sucked Chad and your husband’s cocks.” Wasting no time I took his cock in my hand and then into my mouth. It didn’t take much to get his cock wet from the saliva in my mouth. I loved how his big cock felt and wanted to suck him all night. Chad couldn’t wait to fuck me again and was working my tight pussy with his cock. He began to fuck me harder and harder. Every time Chad pushed, Matt’s cock went deeper and deeper in my mouth, I was gagging on his cock. Matt was moaning with desire and announced that he had to fuck my tight pussy. I turned around and straddled his cock with my tight pussy. Chad watched as I lowered myself inch by inch down his cock. My pussy was stretching like it had never before and the thickness of his cock felt SO good. Slowly, inch by inch, I moved faster and faster up and down his cock. I wanted him to fuck me harder and harder. I’ve never felt such a big cock. Chad had his cock in my mouth and Matt was still working my nipples. I suddenly felt something clamp down on one nipple then the other. It was a little painful but just for a second. I looked down and found Chad had put nipple clamps on my tits. There was a chain that connected it so they could pull when the wanted to. OH MY GOD, this was the hottest sex I’ve ever had. I had a big cock in my mouth and a HUGE one on my pussy, now I needed my ass taken care of too. I said to Matt, “Finger fuck my ass.” And without further ado, I felt Matt put 2 fingers in my ass, then another, then another. He had 4 fingers fucking my ass while I fucked his big huge cock. And he said “how is that little naught girl?” You like how I am fucking your pussy and ass?
I let out a big scream announcing I was cuming, this encouraged the men to fuck me harder and harder. Matt took a hold of my waist and shoved his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy. Chad’s cock was down my throat when he announced he was cuming, at the same time Matt shot a load inside of my pussy. Our bodies shivered with excitement. I didn’t know what to think. I’ve never had sex outside of my marriage and felt a little guilty. Chad took my face in his hands and said “Gabby, David sends his love.” I said “what do you mean.” He said “He and I arranged this for you, he didn’t want you to be alone and he knows how much you love to fuck two cocks.” I smiled and thought “wow I am the luckiest girl on the planet.”
I returned home later that evening com completely worn out. Matt and Chad had their way with me many more times that night. When David arrived home the next day he asked how my time alone was. I said “well you should know.” He said “what do you mean?” I said “I know you arranged for Chad and his friend to fuck me.” And he said “are you complaining?” “No honey” I said, it was amazing and I wished you would have been there. He said, “Well I invited them over for dinner tomorrow night, are you ready to fuck us all?” “OH YES” I said but only one more time. I want just you and I from now on, he said “okay that is a deal.” This will be our last night of sex with other men.
The next night came and I fucked them all like a good little naughty girl. One in my ass, one in my pussy and another in my mouth was almost too much to handle but I did it. It was hot having three cocks but the story has to end somewhere. I hope you all enjoyed these stories….they are simply a fantasy and one I hope to experience someday. Ciao!

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