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My Sex Slave

My Sex Slave

By - Nov 6, 2007 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 14572 My best friend Sean was going to leave the town we were living in. He was going to move to the opposite side of the country. On one of the last days he was in town I helped him packing his stuff in moving boxes. When it was time for dinner, he asked if he shall invite me and my girlfriend Karen as well. I said yes, that would be a great idea, since it was a warm summer night and we could enjoy sitting outside. So I called Karen and asked her to get ready to go out. We would pick her up in one hour. Sean left his car in the other town already, so he did rent a convertible for the time he was still in town. When we picked up Karen, she was wearing a short red dress, with its hem above her knees and black high heels. The dress had only small straps so knew she was not wearing a bra under the dress. Her B-size tits showed a nice cleavage. When we drove to the restaurant, Sean and I were sitting in the front seats and Karen was sitting in the back, one foot behind each chair and leaning forward to listen to the conversation. Her dress rode up a little and I could see her cleavage when I turned around. I bet Sean saw that as well in the review mirror as well. We were talking and all enjoyed the ride with the convertible in the mild air of a summer night. When we got to the restaurant, we were sitting outside on the patio at a small table and had two bottles of red wine with the food. The conversation was funny, but pretty normal. Since my car was still at Sean's place, we decided to drive to his place after dinner. On the way back, Karen was leaning back in the car and just enjoying the wind on the backseat of the convertible. She sat there in the middle of the car, one foot again to each side and she did put both hands between her legs to hold down the hem of her dress. When we arrived at Sean's place, we got another drink and he was reinstalling his music system in the room next to the living room. Karen was very horny when Sean left the room and started kissing me. I was in a funny mood as well and I started to slip my hand in the top of her dress. I was right she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were hard after a few seconds. But the dress was tailored to her body, so it was not easy to get my fingers in her cleavage. To get better access to her tits, I opened the zipper at the back of her dress and pulled the dress a little to the side. She did not resist and I guess she enjoyed the situation, that Sean was so close in the next room with an open door between us. So he could come back any second. Since Sean did not come back in the room, while he was looking for some better kind of music, I moved one strap of her dress down and exposed one of her nipples. I took it in my mouth and moved my hand now to her legs and up her dress. She was wearing panties, and I could feel that she was wet already. This was the point of no return for me and I got even hornier. I had a massive hard on and thought I will test her how far she will go with such a situation. Sean could have come back into the room and would have seen her with one exposed tit. The sofa we were sitting on was a little too narrow to get com comfortable, so I moved her to the floor and removed her second strap of the dress as well. Now I moved the front of her dress down to her belly exposing both tits. Now she was laying only a few inches away from the door to the next room. I looked into her face and she had a big smile on her lips and closed her eyes. I continued to suck on her nipples and alternated from one to the other. At the same time I moved my hand under her dress and moved her slip to the side. Now I was fingering her pussy while still sucking on her tits. After a few moments I moved her dress all the way up, so it was just around her hips. Now I was going down on her and massaged her clit with both hands and shortly after that I removed her panties. Now she was com completely exposed. But Sean did not come back into the room. As he later explained me, he saw us in action and did not want to interrupt us. So he stayed in the room next door and just looked around the corner one a while and was jerking off at the same time. Now I could not wait any longer and pulled down my pants and started fucking her. After just a few moments I shoved her dress above her head and she was now only wearing her high heels. After fucking for some time, I changed our position I was laying on my back, while she was riding me backwards. So my head was close to the door of the other room. Now I lost all my hesitance and called Sean to come back to us in the living room. When I saw him entering the room, I pulled Karen back to me, so she was laying on top of me with her back. She was on display at that time and my cock still in her pussy. I cupped her tits and showed them to him. I said: "You want to join? She is really horny" He did not wait for a second and walked around us, so he could move between our legs. While I was still fucking her cunt he started to massage her clit. I pulled out of her and shoved my prick into her ass what was no problem since she was dripping wet and her ass was well lubricated. I spread her legs even wider and her cunt was on full display for Sean only inches away. He leaned forward and was now licking her cunt. I could feel her body in such an excitement, while I was fucking her from the back and feeling her tits. I was wondering why he did not fuck her right away, but he told me later, that he jerked off in the room next door right before I called. So he needed some time to get hard again. But than he pulled down his pants and he started to fuck her in her cunt. Wow, that was such a great feeling to share my girl friend with my best friend. I could feel his cock moving in her cunt, while I was still fucking her ass. Until now Karen was quite passive and let me conduct our game. But now, while Sean was fucking her she moved up and put her arms around his neck and was French kissing Sean. She was obviously not too drunk and knew exactly what was going on, because she said: "Yeah, come on fuck me. I want both of your cocks coming in me." That was the moment, when I shot my load up her asshole and just a few seconds later I could feel Sean erupting in her cunt as well. While Karen was in the bathroom, Sean said, that he is sorry to move away, since this could be something he would like to repeat. And I agreed. After Karen came back from the restroom, we left home, since we both had to work the next day. When we arrived, home, we fucked again and were speaking about the evening. I said that she was a perfect sex slave and followed all my actions without complaints. She agreed and whispered in my ear: "Honey, I will be your sex slave if you want me to. Sweet dreams now, Sir."

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