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Moms Hot Wet Pussy

Moms Hot Wet Pussy

By Horney Boy - Oct 27, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 226377 My mom was 35 years old and I was 18 when this happened. Mom was a party girl dad left when he found mom fucking one of his friends.I was 18 when I first saw mom fucking one of her boyfriends. I came home from a party and heard mom's voice" Fuck me 'Fuck me" your cock is so big!! I went Down to mom's room.She must have been dunk because the door was open.She always shuts her door whe she is fucking someone. I looked into the room and saw mom's pussy stuffed with the biggest black cock I ever saw.Now up to then I hadn't thought about fuckin mom but now.My cock felt like it was made of stone.Mom was on her knees on the bed doggie style and the guy was standing behind her with his big cock fucking in and out of her wet cunt.I could see her pussy lips streching around his massive blackpole his balls bounceing off her pussy lips. You like my big black cock ?You fucking white slut.Yes mom screamed .Yeess I'm comeing!!!!!Fuck! I saw mom push back on his cock until she had all of it balls deep in her wet thropping cunt.I just about got my cock out of my pants as it shot all over the wall and floor.I looked back into the room and saw the guy looking at me.He just win ked and smiled and went back to fucking mom.Get down and suck me until I shoot my creamy load of babyjouice down your throat.Mom sliped his cock out of her slimeypussy.It made a little popping sound when it came out.I could see how big it was it was a good 10-11 in.long and 8 in round.She took the head of it beween her lips and sucked it slowly into her hot mouth .He took mom's head in his hands and woked more and more of his massive monster cock down mom's throat.Mom was gagging at first but she must have been sucking cock for some time because it wasn't long before he was throat fucking mom and his balls where hitting her in the chin.No bitch ever took mywhole cock! you are one horneycock slut.I think I'll get you over to my place soon to fuck and suck my basketball playing buddies.What do you think? you black cock loveing white slut.Mom just hummed UHH!! HUH around cock.I'm going to cummmm bitch I watched his cock start to throb as it shot his load into mom's mouth. He was shooting his scum into her mouth then he pulled his cock out and shot the rest on her face and titties.Mom rubbed it all overand licked it of her fingers.I had another hard on so I went to my room to jerk of. I must have fallen asleep becuase it was2:10am and when I went to my room it was 12:30 am .I got up and went to the bathroom when I came out I went to check on mom the door was open and mom was laying on the bed.Her legs where open and I could see her hot swollen pussy lips.I just had to see it closer.So I called out to see if mom was really out.Hey mom you up No sound no movement.I knew mom was a lite sleeper unless she had to much to drink. Then nothing could wake her.So I got on the bed so my face was right in front of her sweet looking pussy I slipped my finger between the lips and rubbed up and down on her clit.I fingered her cunt untill it started to get wet with her sloppycum juice.I had to eat her I had to know what it felt like to suck the love juices from the pussy that I slipped out of 18 years ago. I put my mouth on her sweet hot cunt and licked I allmost came in my underpants I couldn't belive it I'm really eating my moms pussy.Mom moaned and started .to move I stopped I thought she was awake but she wasn't.I got hotter as I licked and sucked moms cunt and i didn't care if she woke.Mom moved her hips up into my face and said Ohhhh!! Joe suck it!! eat it!!That was good becuase Joe is one of her boyfriends name she thinks it's him Itwasn't long before mom came AHHH!! MMMMM! she moaned as I licked the cum from her steamey cunt.I looked at her wet cunt The lips were swollen and red.I started to finger them one finger, two fingers slipped in all of a sudden I had to see if i could get my fist into her cunt. I slipped two more fingers into her four fingers in and her cunt was lose .I slipped my thumb in and pushed my hand slid in .it was hot and slimey I made a fist and pushed up and down mom moaned and I fucked it faster she fucked her hips up and down on my hand until she creamed .I pulled my hand out and used her cum to jerk my cock load of scum onto her tits and belly I left her like that she must have dried scum all over her when she woke up If she fucks anyone why not get some to more?????

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