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Compare This Scenario With Your First Sex Experience

Compare This Scenario With Your First Sex Experience

Compare This Scenario With Your First Sex Experience The picture of Sex loomed very large before me from all the sex stories, "eavdropings" and "peepings" on sex, and the free sex videos I had watched growing up. I looked forward to that special moment when I will experience that bliss I have heard so much about; an experience to always reminisce in my sex world. I looked forward to losing my virginity in a free sex unlike some of my friends who told me their experience at a brothel. I day-dreamed and night-dreamed about how it would be. It created much anticipation in my head that and hard-on constantly distended my boxer and trouser flaps angling for a teen sex. Yet, when the day came, I was very excited and before I could say Uh, Ah, I offloaded my cum to my utter disappointment. I have quite nothing to call pleasure about my experience. What I always remember is Mimi, saying: "Ah, why didn't you hold it? You have soiled my dress and the bed sheets." I was deeply embarrassed. My penis went limp. The above scenario is quite common with amateur sex. After all the built up anticipation of a once in a life time experience some people discover that their first sexual experience is nothing extraordinary. In my case, Mimi was not a virgin, she was matured in sex and so did not experience pains and bleeding, which could unnerve a young girl and steal the expected wonderful feeling of sex for the very first time Mimi was my sex teacher. I have also heard of a situation where a young girl who had sex for the first time was so much hurt and bleeding carried on as if it would not stop. Her partner must have given her a rough sex. Alarmed, the girl notified her Mom and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. It is very wrong to sex a virgin in haste without extracting the natural lubricants produced by her body. To reduce the soreness and embarrassment in first sexual intercourse, I suggest that you give more attention to foreplay: Kissing, and discovering her pleasure points with both your fingers and mouth will soften her up for penetration much much later after both of you have been greatly aroused before having sex. Even then, it is advisable to have an industrial lubricant, which when applied to the vagina easies penetration as you insert your penis little by little till the hymen is broken to let you into her. A lubricant will further ensure that even if she loses her natural lubrication, there will be no dryness to cause abrasion, pain and bleeding. Now it will seem as if having sex is so free and without risk. Far from it. If you are older than your partner, be sure that she is not a minor and that she is in agreement with you, she is ready for sex. However, bear in mind that a situation of regret could result from your sexual act, so precaution is called for to prevent both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases whether you are doing sex in the vagina or you are have anal sex. A female's first sex experience could even be more traumatic if you are not considerate. The myth that women do not forget the person who deflowered them is not really in terms of unforgettable enjoyment. Unlike their male partners, to a major extent, sexual enjoyment for the female increases with age because bodily and emotional maturity have so much to do with their sexual enjoyment. Take time, therefore to do sex to her so that both of you will not be disappointed if novices, and if you, the male, is experienced, so that she does not get traumatized in her first time sex. Neshah writes for your pleasure. He recommends sexual-mastery.fateback Sexual Mastery, erotic-tips.fateback Erotic Tips, approach-any-woman.fateback Approach And Win Women for true sexual guide to sexual bliss.

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